SAP Background

Universe Technology’s progression to a full-spectrum service provider within IT recruitment started in the highly competitive world of SAP recruitment. This background is likely to prove invaluable during clients’ adoption of the S/4HANA suite of products.

Universe Technology started supplying SAP personnel in 1996, before the prevalence of job boards and online databases. This meant that the foundation of its SAP consultant base was generated by referral and recommendation.

Low-tech though this was, it enabled Universe Technology to generate immense goodwill, since all of its consultants had been endorsed by other, equally capable SAP consultants. Clients soon started to hear about Universe Technology, and its reputation as a competent and ethical niche SAP recruitment company grew.

To this day, many of the founding candidates are still on Universe Technology’s SAP database in exclusivity, preferring only to deal with one specialist SAP agency, although the database is now in excess of 120,000 consultants (search SAP consultant database).

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Having laid this foundation of SAP recruitment quality and become Europe’s focal point for SAP consultants and clients, Universe Technology expanded exponentially, becoming what it is today, Europe’s most specialized SAP recruitment company.

Today Universe Technology supplies consultants throughout Europe and beyond. It has offices in London and Paris and extensive representation in the UK, France, Germany, Benelux, Scandinavia, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Eastern Europe, South America, Asia and the Middle East.


Universe Technology enjoys a reputation for reliability and high standards of SAP delivery, both with SAP clients and SAP consultants. These standards have made it the leading UK exporter of SAP expertise. The company even reached the finals of the UK Exporter of the Year Awards (sponsored by the Department of Trade and Industry) and won the Microsoft and Daily Telegraph Growth Through Technology Award.