Universe Technology is committed to matching the right candidate to the right job.

We like it when consultants come to us with particular requests regarding location or SAP skills for their next role. We also like the challenge of seeking out “hard-to-find” skill combinations for clients’ SAP requirements, or challenging combinations of different ERP, IT, Telecoms or business skills.


A summary of the type of service that Universe Technology provides to its contractors is as follows:

  • A realistic and qualified preselection procedure to find you the right role, in the right location with the right skills (and the best remuneration)
  • Prompt payment by bank transfer to any bank account.
  • Regular contact with contractors on site and/or site visits.
  • No nonsense contracts with no strings attached.
  • Financial Advice.
  • Advice on compliance issues.
  • SAP career and personal development advice
  • SAP recruitment market insights and bulletins

See also

Consultants who have not yet made the leap to become freelance should read the Guide To Becoming a Professional Contractor or contact Universe Technology for an informative chat.  Alternatively, why not browse the SAP Jobs Database for more ideas?