Managed Service

Universe Technology has a proven track-record as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for both large service providers and end-client organizations.

How it works…

Universe Technology will be your single point of contact and will use its own resources (e.g. SAP resources,  other ERP resources, IT consultants, strategy consultants or developers) backed up by a quality managed (ISO 9001:2008) preferred network of best-of-breed agencies to staff all or your IT vacancies. All processes will be quality managed by Universe Technology with a particular emphasis on compliance and delivery issues.

Commonly the Account Recruiter of Universe Technology will be present on-site, but this is optional.
In any event, both mission critical core applications and peripheral or non-SAP applications will be covered by one single point of contact.

The quality managed third party agencies that are chosen will have a lower cost of sale due to Universe Technology’s commitment to them, and this cost saving will be passed to you, the customer.

Universe Technology will have lower cost of sale for supplying its own specialised resources to you and will therefore also be able to discount these “high-end” resources. You will still have full access to Universe Technology’s industry beating SAP Consultant Database.

The administrative burden to you for multiple suppliers and a more involved recruitment procedure will be eliminated, achieving further economies in the hiring process. In addition, Universe Technology’s streamlined internal workflow and use of the latest recruitment systems will generate further efficiency gains. A web-interface to the systems or other systems integration is also available. Universe Technology’s market knowledge will ensure that you are at all times enjoying value for money in all of your recruitment activities and that Universe Technology and other suppliers add value and keep costs optimally low.

While Universe Technology will facilitate all elements of the recruitment or consultancy hire process, the ultimate decisions remain effectively with you, the client.

Contact us to establish your key objectives and the parameters of the service that you require, such as:

  • Cost – an open and predefined fee structure based on client requirements and designed to save you money
  • Expected delivery parameters
  • Extension/renewal process
  • Methods of recruitment – contract or permanent hire, interview process, advertising guidelines and discounts, reference process, screening, etc.
  • Effective use of existing and/or known resources.